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How do i change my inflated resume to the correct one which was submitted during my first h1 application (2011) with uscis ?

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I came to us on 2011 with h4 and then found an employer who converted h4 to h1 with inflated resume . I got h1 for one year.Later on i have only used my true resume for extending my h1. Is there anyway i can make changes to my first resume which is already submited. What if uscis gets complaint about my first resume? How should i come out clean? Please help

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Good quesiton. Who inflated it? Why? Served the purpose then and does not do it any longer?

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This sounds like an immigration fraud issue. Contact an immigration attorney directly.

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Gunda Johanna Brost

Gunda Johanna Brost


Thank you handsome attorney Leroi :)


It seems that not much you can do about this situation at this time other than not using fake resume in the future. If in fact USCIS will send request for evidence to explain differences the proper way to handle it is to hire immigration attorney for proper consultation/advice. It is clearly the case of at least misinformation on the previous employer side who submitted your fake resume however if you didn't participate in knowingly perpetrating fraud you may have a chance to explain it away. At this point do nothing is probably better attitude.

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