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How do I change my first name as F - 1 student after marriage to us citizen ? Should I do it before or after filling AOS ?

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I'm an international student f - 1 and got married to a U . S citizen . Now we are planning to file adjustment of status . I want to take his last name and also change my first name . I don't know if I should do it before filling paperwork or after . For changing my last name , do I have to go through a specific procedure or can I just put his last name as my last name in all my immigration paperwork and send it out to USCIS ?

Do I have to go through court to get my first name change with an original copy of birth certificate from my country or can I use a photocopy.?

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Go ahead and change your name to his name. The marriage is all that is needed to allow a wife to change her name to her husband's name. If you have any other concerns with the process, I strongly recommend that you consider retaining a competent and experienced immigration attorney. Perhaps, an appointment will help you best understand marriage visa processing. Good luck.

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Change your name on all your immigration paperwork, and once you get your employment authorization card, go and get a social security under your new name. Next, go and have a sate ID or drover's license issued under your new last name.

Appear with all these 3 documents at your AOS interview. The name on your national passport won't matter. You will get a green card under your married last name.

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Thank your for your response. So can I just put the new FIRST name that I want along with my husband last name in AOS forms without going through court? Obviously I will list my maiden name and previous name in the paperwork as well so I think they will know it is the same person. Will this complicate my process? I want people to call my English name. My national name is too hard for people to pronounce and I don't want it appear on my working permit

Giacomo Jacques Behar

Giacomo Jacques Behar


Yes. No, that will not "complicate" the process. Don't forget to designate a "Helpful", as well as "Best Answer" to this question.


I agree with my colleagues. Once you are married, you can legally change your name and apply for Adjustment of Status under the married name.

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