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How do I change a custodian on an UTMA account from my ex wife to me.

Peoria, AZ |

In our divorce decree it says my ex wife is to be the custodian on the UTMA account for our son. The divorce was almost 10 years ago and my son is now 19. The original reason I set the account up 18 years ago was to provide funds for college, cars ect.

My son has been living with me full time almost since the divorce and completely for about the last 7 years. The ex has not contributed financially to his upbringing in any way since the divorce.

He needs new tires for the car I gave him and some money for school. I've been paying his tuition and books and he lives with me so I'm providing room and board as well.

So far she has been unresponsive when I've asked for funds or even information as to the account balance.

So I want to see if the court will order a change in the custodian.

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You answered the question yourself - the court will have to resolve this. First, since your son is no longer a minor, he can certainly try to obtain the account for himself. The alternative is that you take your ex's name off the account via court order.

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