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How do I change a condition of my probation

Aurora, CO |

I have a conviction for a DUI and I'm meeting all the requirements and paying the fines. There just one problem . My probation officer has ordered me to take three random breathalyzers a week, I fly for an airline and there is no way I can do that. I'm gone 4-6 days a week and I do not want to be in violation of my parole. A

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If you can not work it out with the probation officer, you may take it up with the judge.


You will probably need to file a Motion to Amend the Terms and Conditions of Probation with the court.


I agree with the other attorneys here. Get some documentation of your schedule and try and work it out with your PO. Otherwise fiile a motion with the judge.


One option is to explain your work situation to your PO (which they should know since you have to report any traveling to them) and request a Smart Start Mobile Unit. That way you can take the machine with you wherever your travels take you.