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How do I cancel my personal training contract with LA Fitness that contains incorrect information?

Dallas, TX |

I am currently disputing a personal training contract with LA Fitness. On September 28, 2012 I was sold into taking personal trianing lessons with a friend. To 'get a good deal' the personal training director said he could sign us both up under my name so we would essentially pay for one person. However, in doing so he used my name, her address, both of our credit cards for the initial payment but the monthly payments are takensolely out of my account. We only initialed certain areas of the contract but IT WAS NEVER SIGNED! I have a copy of the final agreement with no signature included and the mis-match personal information. We went in today October 30, 2012 to cancel and are told we will have to pay at cancellation fee of $1800 'approximately'. We were not given a copy until 7 days later

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There are quite a few issues here. First, it's good that you didn't sign the contract. However, it may not totally absolve you. Your best first step is sending a termination letter. From there, you can expect to receive a collection letter. You will need to send another letter to dispute it and reference the lack of a signed contract. Then, your account may be turned over to collections and negative credit reporting may start. You'll probably want to dispute that, too. You could end up being sued, but there is no way to actually know. It is less likely that they would sue without a written contract, though.

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Can they report me to collections with inaccurate personal information on the contract and without my social security number?

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