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How do I cancel my contract for my Las Vegas timeshare? We are from Canada and have no idea where to go from here.

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We were definitely lied to many times during the presentation and the stupid thing is I know enough about timeshares and how they work. The presentation with Wyndham was different than others I had heard of, I thought as in Canada if I asked direct questions they were obliged by law to answer me truthfully. Obviously not, which is why I was hoping that I have a way out of this mess.

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I am not a Nevada attorney, but it appears you have 5 days to cancel a timeshare contract from the time you sign it:

NRS 119A.410 Right to cancel contract of sale.

1. The purchaser of a time share may cancel, by written notice, the contract of sale until midnight of the fifth calendar day following the date of execution of the contract. The contract of sale must include a statement of this right.

2. The right of cancellation may not be waived. Any attempt by the developer to obtain a waiver results in a contract which is voidable by the purchaser.

3. The notice of cancellation may be delivered personally to the developer or sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the business address of the developer.

4. The developer shall, within 15 days after receipt of the notice of cancellation, return all payments made by the purchaser.

If you haven't cancelled the contract and there's still time, do so right away. Mail the notice, overnight the notice, email it and fax it so there's no doubt as to when notice was provided. If the time has elapsed, you will need to speak with an attorney to see if you can negotiate your way out.

The foregoing is not legal advice nor is it in any manner whatsoever meant to create or impute an attorney/client relationship.


The problem with this question is that you have it flagged for Canada, Kentucky (which is an extremely tiny town in Eastern Kentucky,) and it sounds like your problem deals with Canadian Law, Nevada Law, and possibly United States Federal Law. Kentucky attorneys probably can't help you with this question. I suggest you ask the question again and this time flag it for a city in Nevada

More importantly, I suggest you go speak to a Canadian attorney at an in-person meeting, about how to resolve this case.

I am not your attorney, nor are you my client. This answer to your question is not to be considered legal advice. In all cases, I encourage you to contact a competent, licensed attorney, who will be able to consult with you, investigate the facts of your situation more thoroughly, and give you a better tailored answer. (Also, I frequently type answers on my mobile phone, so please excuse typos and autocorrect errors.)

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