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How do I break my lease due to unsafe/uninhabitable living conditions in the neighborhood?

Bakersfield, CA |

I moved into my apartment thinking that the neighborhood I was going to live in was safe. The apartment complex said there were a lot of families living here and it was a great neighborhood. Over the past 8 months I have resided here, I have also come to find out how unsafe this neighborhood really is from drunks to drugs to assaults and break-ins. I even looked up the crime reports on my street and found a bunch of reports about the neighbors. We supposedly have a safety unit that patrols the neighborhood but the only time I have seen them was after I called the police one night. I told the management about everything and they said I should just call the sheriff. I am scared and do not want to live here anymore. How can I break my lease?

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Without reviewing your actual lease, it is not possible to advise you how you might find a legal reason for early termination. Basically, under California law, unless the landlord/management company agrees to terminate the lease early, you are legally obligated to pay the rent for the remainder of the lease, less whatever rent the landlord/management company can recover from a replacement tenant.

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