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How do I break an adoption?

Temple Hills, MD |

Hi! I was adopted at the age of 10 to come to the US and all of my papers are based on the adoption. I am 24 years old and want to break the adoption. I was told that I would be able to petition for my biological relatives in Haiti since my original last name was left as my middle name. However, when I sent the application I was asked to show proof that the adoption had been broken. So, how do I break the adoption? What are the specifics? Who exactly do I need to get in touch with for such procedure? Thank you!

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It is doubtful that a court will void your adoption. Because you obtained your immigration status through your adoptive parents, you cannot file an immigration petition for your biological parents. There is a specific regulation on that issue.

Perhaps there are other ways that you can help your family in Haiti.

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To add to the last answer it appears that you were allowed to immigrate based on the adoption. I would certainly consult with an immigration attorney about how to proceed or if you should proceed. Best of lusk to you.

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