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How do i beat a cell phone ticket?

Los Angeles, CA |

got a ticket for having a cell phone in my hand while driving, the officer put the right court on the ticket, the west la courthouse. however, a clerk by mistake put down metropolitan court downtown. how do i change the venue, request a fee waiver if i can't pay the bail, and should i request an arraignment. can i just write to court?

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Be sure that you go to correct court at or before time due. Which court di you want to be in? If you cannot pay bail indicate so at time oi arraignment .


All these questions can be answered by contacting the traffic clerk's office at the appropriate courthouse.


I have a strong feeling that cell phone tickets are going to get more and more serious over the coming years, so consider yourself lucky to have received it when you did.

Did you make any statements to the officer admitting that you used it?

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