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How do I avoid Florida residential eviction?

Saint Petersburg, FL |

I work on commission. Due to this, my monthly check comes at various times. This month, it is coming about a week after rent is due. I was served with a 3 day notice due on 9 Nov. How can I avoid eviction? I cannot afford to move and this situation is really messing with my anxiety disorder. Sleeplessness & constant worry.

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If it gets to the point of going to court, bring the $$ with you.


When you signed the lease with your landlord, you agreed to pay the landlord a certain amount of rent on a certain day of the month. The landlord is justifiably upset because you have not kept your promise. While getting paid at irregular intervals makes paying your rent on time problematic, the problem is yours rather than your landlords. The way that you can stop the landlord from evicting you is to pay your rent on time.

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