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How do I assemble the i-601 waiver and hardship letter?

Los Angeles, CA |

When assembling the letter of hardship and the supporting documents for the i-601 can they be stapled as two separate documents or should they be all bound together with the supporting evidence as well?

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Here's what we do:

Write a cover letter detailing the types of hardship incurred: family separation, financial, medical, etc. Evaluate whether the hardship is "extreme" citing relevant court and AAO decisions. Then, attach 10-20 exhibits all marked with tabs.

We put the I-601 form directly under the cover letter and the exhibits following the I-601. We use a two-hole punch and an acco-fastener to keep everything together.

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it's really not rocket science, thankfully.

Write a cover letter detailing the hardship and attach document marked as exhibits.