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How do i ask the judge to remove what im being accused of off my recored if found innocent?

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i am innocent && i have never been in jail before that incident,i work to school, & was just with the wrong people at the wrong time.

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If you are found not guilty at trial or you case is dismissed outright (not upon the completion of deferred probation), you will be eligible to file an expunction to have the case completely removed from your record. This is a motion that is filed in district court. Your attorney can explain the process to you. But your first concern is getting the dismissal.

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I am unsure if you are currently under investigation or if the case has been concluded. If it is an open case you will have to retain an attorney to fight for you to either get a deferred prosecution which can be sealed or fight the case and win. If the case is dismissed or you are found not guilty the attorney can file a motion to get all mention of this case removed from your record.

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If you are found not guilty you are entitled to an expungement. If you have not yet had a trial then you need a lawyer, particularly if you are innocent.
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If you were acquitted. You have thirty days to move for an Order to Expunge. If you don't do that within thirty days, then you have to file a petition (and pay filing fees). Good Luck

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