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How do i approach my situation?

Caldwell, ID |

i moved into my 2 bedroom apartment on august 1,2012 it is now march 15,2013 i have a one year agreement verbally. I have told my landlord about some of the things wrong that i need fixed such as cracks on the ceiling, a whole in the closet ceiling, slugs coming from underneath the toilet, the toilet constantly running, bath tub knobs don't turn off all the way, over bottom element broken and the breaker blew my washer and drier up. he came and fixed the bath tub and the breaker box but nothing else. there is also no heat in my daughters bedroom and wires are crossed in the breaker also i have no control over the baseboard heat. even when i turn it off in the breaker box the heat does not turn off. how do i approach the situation?

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Some of the most reliable tenants-rights information is available through Idaho Legal Aid Services. Although you may not be income-qualified for their services, in the past they have had excellent written materials. Inquire at their Boise office. Secondly, a "lease" needs to be in writing. Without the written agreement you are really on a month to month tenancy. As a practical matter, moving may be your most cost-effective and expeditious solution.

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