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How do I apply for extending travel visa?

Fresno, CA |

want to know how to apply to extend my visitor visa? how long will it take?

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There may be issues that change what I am about to say, as no question exists in a vacuum. so a consultation with an attorney is best.
This is general information only.
File Form I-539 with the fiilng fee ($300) and documentation of your reason for extending your visitor status. The maximum you can ask for is 6 month more months. Take a look at your current I-94 card and see is there is any restriction written on the back.
Show proof that you continue to have funds to stay here without being a public charge.

Show that you have a return ticket.

If the extension is for medical reasons, show you are paying for the treatment.

File before your current status expires

Consult an attorney if you have any doubts about how to do this.

You may not get an answer for several months.


Form I-539 is the form to change or extend a non-immigrant visa. The California Service center is estimating 2.5 months on these applications.
Contact me for further information if needed. 650-212-6781


In addition, if you don't have a medical reason for staying, you need to provide an alternative acceptable reason.

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