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How do I appeal a local village, Building Code Violation???

Riverdale, IL |

In, 2007, Village inspected and found an Apartment in compliance with all Building Codes and approved it for rental to a family who deposited security as responsible for damage.

Each year thereafter, to date, I reported for purposes of the building's Common Area inspection, that the apartment is still under continuous lease to the same family.

A current inspection found damage items during the family's occupancy and only in the family's apartment.

Hence, the items have to do with FAMILY DAMAGE that the owner can't reasonably be held responsible.

Show me an organization thats exempt from lawsuits and I'll show you one that deliberately behaves negligently.

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your headline asks how to appeal a building code violation--the jurisdiction enforcing the code likely has an appeal process--likely online, that you can review.

Owners can be held responsible for damage inside the leased property (burst pipes, leaky gas connections, walls, jammed and swelled window frames, pest infestations, bathroom floors/tiles that come loose ceilings, floors that give way, or any of dozens of other issues associated with a building aging and even normal wear and tear.

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If you wish to appeal a local ordinance violation, you need to contact the municipality and learn about their process. Although the owner may be ultimately liable for whatever violation the village has found, the owner can assess those damages against the tenant.

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