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How do I answer a summons with notice for an annulment / Divorce without a Lawyer

Bronx, NY |

I was served with a summons with notice for a annulment / Divorce by my wife who left me with our 5 children 3 years ago she does not see them or give any money for them.She is also in the military and still we get no benefits. BAlthough we live in the Bronx she went to Suffolk County and is asking for a divorce on the grounds of said marriage was procurred by the fraud of the defendant, or alternitivly to obtain a judgement of divorce based on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment of the plaitiff by the defendant it is also asking for custody of the children and child support and that neither party pay maintanance and equitable distribution of property. I really need to answer this but can not get to suffolk county dur to illness and no money to get there. can someone guide me.

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You can't contest a divorce if you don't show up. If you're unable to go to Suffolk County you'll have to hire an attorney there to represent you.

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