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How do I answer a Form interrogatories, Special Interrogatoes & Request for admissions?

Los Angeles, CA |

Long story short, debt collector purchased an old account (They bought it from the original creditor) & tried to sue me for it even though SOL has expired and they are aware of this! They hired an attorney and served me a summons. I answered summons and now they sent me more paperwork. My answer was w general denial. This is a limited civil case. How do I proceed with this? Any information will help. Do not want to hire an attorney because the case amount is less than $2500. Thanks!

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The simplest response is to answer the questions asked. Some of the questions might be objectionable, but it is impossible for anyone on AVVO to tell you that. Either answer the questions to the best of your ability, or hire an attorney to help you provide the answers.


I agree with counsel and recommend that you contact an attorney for assistance. You can retain an attorney to help you on a flat fee, limited scope basis so you aren't spending more than the case is worth in attorney's fees. Good luck.