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How do I admit to accounting error that I found while collecting information to send to IRS for correspondence audit?

Chicago, IL |

i am in the process of a correspondence audit by the IRS and I noticed an error in my charitable deductions. My records reflect $2k less than what was listed on my return. I can only assume that this was a fat finger mistake made by my tax preparer but I'm afraid of the implications since I never caught this error. How do I acknowledge this when I submit my information?

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The statistical likelihood of your being convicted of a tax crime is almost nil. Nevertheless, if you are in the unlucky minority of people criminally investigated by the IRS, you need more than this Avvo forum. Hire the best tax and/or criminal lawyer you can find.



Thanks for the insight but a conviction is not what i'm worried about. There's no shady business going on here. It was a mistake and oversight at best...not a criminal act. I just want to know what do I need to say in order to acknowledge it.


Contact a certified public accountant to help you through this process. Good luck!