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How do i address a magistrate on a negligent of operating motor vehicle:?

Haverhill, MA |

i was in the passing lane passing cars going the speed limit and noticed a cop coming up and so i kept to that speed he switched lanes and was beside me he was almost ahead of me on my right and turned on his lights i had no idea who he was signaling but i had a friend on the highway at the time of the incident he slowed down and i figured it was me and he wrote me a citation for negligence fail to stay right and marked lanes times 3 and fail to pull to the right the only thing that baffles me is he was in the way of trafiic and i pulled to the right as he let me and i know the cam in cop cars turn on when they turn on there lights!

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I think you need to consult with a criminal defense attorney in MA. Use the Avvo attorney search bar. Get the police report if you can.

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Best bet is to spend a couple hundred bucks for a local traffic court lawyer to fight it, as your odds of beating it increase exponentially.

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Hire a local attorney to handle this matter for you. That is what they do and you don't have to worry about what to say or all the angles of what to approach this case. The attorney already knows what to argue and has done so hundreds of times. Find an attorney from MA and have him/her work for you.


Since may sound like a simple case, but these fines for multiples charges/counts can add up. It might be worth meeting with a criminal defense or traffic attorney. During the case, you will have the ability, or your attorney can, request during discovery the police report, police tape in the vehicle, and any notes or other evidence in the matter. That may help you get a better understanding on what is really happening here.

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