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How do i add a father to my daughters birth certificate

El Reno, OK |

i am from oklahoma. my daughter is 14. i need to put her father on the birth certificate. i need to know what process or steps do i need to take to do so.

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If the father is willing to cooperate, you can submit a completed Acknowledgment of Paternity form to the Oklahoma Department of Health Vital Records Service. After they accept the form, they will amend the birth certificate to include the acknowledged father. You can get the form from the Department of Health, or any hospital with a maternity ward.

If the father does not wish to cooperate, you can file a Petition with the district court to determine parentage. If the father admits paternity or a DNA test determines paternity, you can get a court order declaring him the father. You can then use the court order to amend the birth certificate.

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