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How do I get my suspended license reinstated?. Does suspended license mean you can not drive any car?

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Consult an attorney. And yes, this means you cannot drive any car.

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I'll answer your secon question first. You cannot drive any car if you are suspended. Some suspensions can be 'modified' by an Administrative Law Judge to allow driving for work/work purposes, school & medical purposes. In order to have a restricted license, you would have to have had what is called a "MVA Hearing" at the Office of Administrative Hearings (sometimes held at MVA offices).

To answer your first question, it depends on why you are suspended. If you are suspended because you failed to comply with a minor traffic violation ticket you received, then paying the ticket or 'posting a penalty deposit' will clear the suspension. If you just pay the tickets, you will get whatever points are assigned to that/those violation(s). The points could end up causing another suspension/revocation.

If you are suspended for failing to appear for trial in a serious traffic case, or you have a warrant for your arrest, then you need the Court to withdraw/quash the warrant. You really need to speak with a lawyer if this is the situation, as there are many pitfalls in this situation.

There are also suspensions for other reasons, such as failure to pay child support, etc.

Lastly, if you are suspended for points, DUI (refusal or breath test over .08), and some other reasons, then you will be eligible on a certain date.

In all of these I stances, you do not receive credit for the suspension until you either turn your license in, or sign an affidavit that you no longer have a license to turn in.


DO NOT DRIVE. If you are stopped you will may be arrested for driving on suspended

Reinstatement process depends on the reason for the suspension. If you had a traffic ticket and failed to appear and failed to pay the fine, you may be able to go to the court, pay the fine as a bond and request a new trial date and then take info to MVA to show fine is no longer outstanding and they will lift suspension. BUT, you should consult an attorney about your specific facts before you make a move.