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How do close my parents will by selling the business assets

Salisbury, NC |

its been over two years since my fathers passing, and i was put in charge of his will. within that time my brother has spread lies to the landlord where my father had his business and now he wont rent to me i've seen lawyers but they wont take the case because they have talk to himor they seen how everything has gone so far and they dont want to take they case. i have a lawyer now but he is more interested in taking my money. he has 'forgotten' whole conversations about the case. so far i have spent over 25000 usd and nothing has been done besides end of the year accounting. my lawyer has told me within the past month that i need another 20000 usd to take this to court and i dont have that. iwould try doing it alone but the court in davie county has told me they wont do anything without o

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Probate cases are complicated and that is especially so when there is conflict. You have the right to hire who you want to represent the estate. Look around for another attorney. You may need to look in adjacent counties or cities. Look at the experience of the attorney, peer reviews and recommendations, client satisfaction, and make sure you find an attorney with whom you can communicate and work as a team. This site it a great resource, but talk to several attorneys. Good luck!

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I can't speak to what is going on in this complex matter with your attorney of which I don't have knowledge. Most attorneys I know do an excellent job, sometimes the situation can't be resolved without going to court. Court is very expensive, but just like anything else, sometimes a second opinion is in order, before deciding whether to take the next step.