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How do I file libel and slander charge ?

Boise, ID |

A person slandered and defamed my character. The complex management did nothing. They knew it was false. Moved these people to another unit. Requested lock change cos they have people and was afraid they will come back to plant something cos they intentionally put flour in my garbage can. Management never asked to take drug test. Very emotional and mental anguish Took a toll on my already fragile health. Management never to take drug test, finally had to take police to management and to the person to stop cos she still harassing me. I want punitive damages and formal apology.

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If this is something that you really want to pursue, you should hire counsel. Do not delay as the passage of time will negatively affect your rights.


Defamation lawyers typically want $5,000 just to begin work, so unless you sustained a significant monetary loss, you could end up paying more than you might recover. Call the police again if more harassment.


Your post is a bit confusing. If it is the other "person/people" living in the complex that was/were the one(s) who "slandered" and "defamed" you, then there is no defamation action against the property management. The only ones that you could arguably pursue such a claim againt are the other tenants (?), who presumably are the ones who spoke ill of you. That is a wholely separate issue as to whether what was said would be found to be "defamatory" under the law. There is also the practical matter as to whether those other tenants have sufficient personal assets to make if worth your spending of substantial money and time pursuing legal action against them. It is not clear what "drug test" you feel management should have taken, but it is hilghly doubtful that such failure could be found to cause management to be legallly liable to you in some manner. As for pursuing legal action because you want a "formal apology", it can be said in a most general fashion that lawsuits commenced because of "principal" usually cost the party bringing the suit more money than will be recovered - interpreted to mean: a waste of time and money.

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