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How difficult is it to change primary physical care from the mother to the father?

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We live in Iowa, and my fiance has three beautiful girls with his ex. HIs ex is very difficult to make agreements with, I have tried. on many occasions witnessed her ranting and unstableness. She has denied my fiance at least weeks added together of time with his girls as stated in the decree, and blows up over every little thing that she doesnt agree with when they come over. This happens in front of the kids. she brings other people in it to harass us. A couple months ago we asked for a couple extra hours for a birthday party she blew up and the police were called. We told her to come pick them up as is stated in the decree and she refused. He kept them, she called 100's of times and did 2 welfare checks. Then proceded to place contempt on him. We cant afford an attorney, but believe we

are more stable for them, Especially seeing as how she moved 45 minutes away because her boyfriend got a job. Away from their school and friends and evrything they have been used to for the last few years. The girls commute another 20 minutes to get to school and the ex works in the same place she did before she moved. It takes time out of our minimal time with them and is alot of being in a vehicle for them.

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My suggestion if you can't afford attorney right now is Start videotaping the exchanges and tape recording conversations. Please check the laws in your state regarding restrictions on this. In florida i think you can tape record as long as you tell the person they are being recorded. But remember, tape recording goes both ways, it will show your attitude also. I've noticed that this usually calms things down over the exchanges and little things you really shouldn't be fighting over. Keep a journal. Most states go by "best interest of the child" and iowa may have specific things they look for in determining custody. It may be difficult but its your kids so its worth it.

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