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How come all "child abuse" questions and articles end up being somewhat related to sexual abuse? I need some information please

Garden City, NY |

I have been trying to research if there would be any way to receive compensation from years of abuse. All the research I have done has come up with results about sexual abuse. I would like to know what the statute of limitations in Nassau County, NY are on physical abuse, psychological abuse and neglect.
I am a 22 yom, and have suffered many psychological effects of the abuse (nightmares, self destruction, anxiety, to name a few) I have to see medical professionals for the damages she caused me and have no way to afford it on my own, and no one to help pay anymore. If I cant get the money for help, I wont be able to function. What can I do?
Also how can I find an attorney who would be able to help me on a contingency basis for a civil case if I am still able to take action?
Thank you

Also from a legal view, why is it that they make sexual abuse a worse offense than other forms of abuse? The long term affects of the abuse are pretty much the same.

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30 years NY attorney litigating civil Damages for Abuse. Your facts present unique legal problems regarding statute of limitations, exceptions for childhood and or diminished conscious mental state and continuing harm. You need to consult and attorney experienced in these issues to overcome several legal problems. It is critical that you obtain the treatment necessary to heal the psychological scars you mention

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