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How can you sue att successfully, and do i have a case?

San Francisco, CA |

So i have been having constant billing issues with att, and moving issues. one of their techs called me a slur for gay people over the phone when he was just a couple blocks away after i told him i felt like he was just trying to get out of doing the job. he went to my old address and refused to come to my new one. Also, they advertise 12mbps speeds, and i always remained at speeds 1.5 mbps or less from the advertised speed. they kept messing up my billing, promos kept dropping and random things showed up, so i wrote At&t a letter of dispute about a month ago. the day after i sent the dispute in a new tech showed up, installed a competely new line and phone jack, assure me that since everything was new, id get perfect if not higher speeds, and i did for a couple of days until ;

att received my letter 2 days letter. since then, my internet speeds dropped down to half of what i was paying for. i used their speedtest on their site, took screen shots on my macbook. my account still showed i was on a 12mbps plan, however i was consistently getting 5.4mbps-8.7mbps. a lady in california calls me about the slurs used by the tech and gathered information; later after i asked why no one was responding, the general attorney let me know he is looking into things, and he was drafting a response. on friday, the general attorney told me that he wants to make sure they get me to the right speeds and the plan i agreed to, but he told me he could not find anything in records that show they were throttling my speeds which i believe is a lie. he told me they were going to deny the accusations, and after speaking more he made it clear he did not want me to get an attorney. att has this arbitration agreement , and im not fully aware of what that is or how it works. what should i do....

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Switch to another provider and drink decaf instead of espressso.

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This is not a medical malpractice question. You should direct this to a contract lawyer. You may consider switching companies.

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Open an arbitration against them with JAMS. Make sure it's done under the "consumer" rules. They will have to pay the arbitrator and will more likely than not prefer to pay you...