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How can you get a felony off your record from when you were 12? And off the sex offenders list?

Rockford, MI |

A friend of mine was 12 when this happend. I guess he touched a girl and he was charged as an adult and is on the sex offenders list. Is there a way he can get off that since he was 12 and now cannot rent apartments or get a good job. It is ruining his life. He will be off the list when he is 32 and he is 25.

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The Michigan Sex Offender Registration Act was recently amended and the new provisions may be used to help your friend get of the registry. An experienced criminal defense lawyer would have to sit down with your friend and learn much more about the case and your friend's circumstances before an opinion could be given regarding any available options.


Your friend should hire a lawyer that may be able to help him get off the sex offender registry, depending upon the circumstances of his case.


If he was 12 at the time and charged as an adult, it must have been pretty serious. If his victim was under 13 years old, the new law requires LIFETIME registration with the ability to petition to be removed after 25 years if certain requirements are met. This applies to adult offenders as well as juveniles convicted as an adult.


Additionally, you cannot remove a CSC from your criminal record using the expungement statute, regardless of the circumstances.