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How can you find out if someone has guardianship over someone

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I have recently have taken in a women thats mentally handicap. The last group home she lived in she was abused.Now the person who is over her has said she can live here.My problem is I thought the women over her was good, but Im starting to have doubts theres been quite a few red flags about her now. What I was wondering if there was a way I can find out if this women has guardianship over her. I know she is the truste of her money or something like that, Which I could careless. My problemis if she can tell her where to live. Because my husband and I and our children so love her.The lady can keep the money. We would just like to know Please if there was any advice you could give us.What a great site this is by the way, Thankyou :)

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Guardianship is granted by the probate court, so if someone actually IS the guardian, there'll be a record of the appointment and the reasons for the appointment at the local probate court.


I suggest you contact the local probate court and check their records and see if there has been an adjudication of incompetency for your friend and if in fact a guardian or conservator have been appointed for her. It might be that your friend signed a DPA for this person in which case, if your friend wasn't adjudicated incompetent, she could revoke and possibly name you. Just depends. You might need to retain an atty.

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You can call the Clerk of Court, Probate Division, in Volusia County. Their phone number is:(386) 257-6000 ext. 5914

You can also search their website at:

If you need any further assistance, call Debra G. Simms at 407-331-4529



Thankyou for all your answers what a great Website :) I will do that, i was wondering If I filled for guardianship would this women who is the trustee be aware of it and challange the guardianship?


The Probate Division should be able to assist you.

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