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How can we find a missing person ?

Staten Island, NY |

22 yr.old being held against her will. With no communication ....put possibly in a hospital...she was trying to follow us home the next day. She went missing...the father threaten to keep her away from the U.S. he lives in mexico. He is abusive and has locked her in a room. Now his partner is also in on this. Her mother is worried. I am her boyfriends mother. My son came home proving all this. She was suppose to sneak out..last message was her. Saying I don't want to be alone here. And asking if my son's plane landed. Then she said I'm very sleeping then went missing.. this man has been running f r I'm taxes, and other Federal . This has been 11days now

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You should be contacting law enforcement immediately with any and all information you have.

This answer is only for informational purposes and is not meant as legal advice.


If you have reason to believe a person is being held against their will, I would also recommend you contacting the authorities. If you want to hire someone to help locate the individual, yiu can look for a private investigator that specializes in that sort of thing.

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