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How can someone discover my unlisted phone number?

North Wales, PA |

Relative used my info as reference for a loan w/out my ok. Now store wants to repo the items & called me in search of him & his stuff.

Same relative also put my home # down as his work # on a payday loan, again w/out my ok. Loan is now in collections. Somehow they found my new ph # as well. Each time this debt gets transferred to a new dept or resold to a junk debt company someone once again calls me in search of the relative, not realizing that previous rep already spoke to me.

I thought (wrongly) that changing to an unlisted phone number would stop unwanted calls. How are they getting my number?

They are very polite people & I am glad to help them but I wish I wasn't pulled into this drama in the first place.

Will I have to give up my landline to make it stop?

Am thinking about sending a Cease & Desist letter to the relative to stop using my info or name on loans or as a reference. Not sure how to title this one.

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Unlisted means "not in the phone book." That's all. When was the last time anyone used a phone book as anything other than a doorstop?

However, every time you put your phone number down somewhere, that data gets recorded. Some of that data gets sold to data collectors, or reported to credit agencies, or some other source available to interested parties for a fee.



The 1st creditor call came less than a week after changing my number. I hadn't even told my relatives about the new number yet.

Charles Thomas Jr.

Charles Thomas Jr.


Here's the thing — I don't know how they got it. But they got it. And THAT is the point.

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