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How can probation be extended I was givin a sentence and now they could tell well we are just gonna give you some time? CRAZY

Lawrenceville, GA |

I was on fel. prob. for h.v. and fleeing. I violated with d.u.i. and susp. license for those two charges i recieved two years misd. probation 3,000 fine 240 hours comm. service and a drug and alcohol eval. when I got sentenced for the violaton for felony prob they gave me two years prison. I did 15 months while the whole time the misd. prob. they gave me was running. Now that I am out they say I six months to complete all of the above and in my position I am really strugling. I fell that when the six months is up I should be done if I am doing the best I can and really trying to complete all that I can. I thought about trying to contact my judge and see if she can modify it for me because there is no way I will have it complete and I dont want to extend it. What do you think will happen?

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Please contact the attorney who represented you on your last case for advice. Also, your post is not really clear on what you are doing and not finding able to do as you just say you are "struggling."

You can convert the fine to community service, probably, and you, then, won't need to "try" to complete the terms of your probation, you will. The most important aspect of your sentence will the alcohol and counseling requirements, given your history and record. Contact your attorney for advice, as he or she knows far more than what you have told us.

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Never contact the judge on your own. First, the judge cannot speak to you without the other side being present. Second, most people get themselves in more trouble when they try to tell the judge something without a lawyer. If you were given 2 years (24 months) of probation and then got revoked on the felony charge for 2 years (24) months but only served 15 months the probation officer is correc that you still have time left to complete the misdemeanor sentence. Your lawyer should have tried to work out a deal on the misdemeanor case for 24 months to serve so that you didn't find yourself in this position to begin with. Under your circumstances, probation can't be "extended." But you can be sent back to jail if you do not make an effort to complete probation. You really should consult a lawyer to discuss this matter. Please contact me if you have any questions.