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How can our County Central Committee require an organization wishing to use the word "Democrat" in its name to seek its charter

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I and some others would like to form a club of local Democrats and use the word "Democratic" in our organization's name. But I have been informed that the local Democratic County Central Committee's bylaws state that any organization desiring to use the word Democrat (or any derivative thereof) in its name within our county must first seek a charter (and pay a fee therefor) from that organization. Can it really impose such a requirement on another organization such as the one we would like to form? And, if so, by what authority? Can an organization like our county Central Committee really make rules such as this that appear to impose constraints like this on groups and individuals that are not members of its own organization?

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If you are a separate entity not purporting to act on behalf of or as part of the committee's organization, then they should have no say over what you name your club. What authority did they provide you that are relying on for their position? Did they send you a letter? How are you seeking to form your club, with what entity? You should ask them to state their official position in writing and take it to an attorney to explain your options.

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