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How can my son who has Hepatitis get the medication treatments his VA doctor requires?

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He became incarcerated for 22 days. Biweekly, he is required to have blood drawn to determine the new medication dosage, etc. The refrigerated meds were sent to his home until the incarceration. He had his doctor write a letter stating he could not work, or recommend that his incarceration not start after Dec. 6. He was denied house arrest and not given the fee back for that. He received one instead of near his liver. The med in the syringe went all over his hip because the giver did not leave the syringe in for the required 10 seconds afterward. He is supposed to be receiving other medication 3x a day which he has not been given. I worry that the blood tests required will not be taken and sent to his VA doctor to create the proper dosage and he will not get new dosage because of that.

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If they don't do the treatment you think he needs, then one potential option is thst you can file a motion with the court to have him taken to his doctor visits from jail by the sheriff's department. If granted, then the sheriff department will arrange transport and a guard or two to go with him. You likely will have to pay the transportation costs and the hourly rates of the guards transporting/guarding him. It is expensive and can run from a couple hundred dollards to a couple thousand dollars per transport.

Marc Lazarus


I'm sorry to hear about this frustrating and upsetting situation. You would want to use Avvo's "find a lawyer" tool to find a local lawyer to discuss in full. I'm sorry this wasn't in Pennsylvania, or I would hold their feet to the fire.


I am licensed to practice only in Michigan, but you should contact a local civil rights attorney. You can find one by using AVVO's "Find a Lawyer" feature above. I wish you and your son the best. Good luck.

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