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How can my son get a subpoena without an attorney, how long does it take and how does he file it with the judge?

Lakeland, FL |

My son has divorce trial Tues. & we have exhausted all funds, his attorney has withdrawn. He hasn't seen his kids since last May.

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Nothing like waiting until last minute! Why isn't your son asking this question? Fill out subpoena and have clerk of court issue it. Rules of procedure require you notify opposition of issuance of subpoena.

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Robert M Chambers

Robert M Chambers


Thanks for the compliment. I like to pass these on because l think they apply to all of the lawyers who give of their time and expertise to answer these AVVO questions. Best wishes.


Monday is going to be a busy day! Other counsel has advised of the answer. That is the best option.


Mr. Chambers has given you the correct answer but I think you are wasting your time. How are you even going to get it served in time for a trial?

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I agree with the panel. Why your son is not involved it is what is puzzling me. It's his life. Anyways, you won't serve subpoena's in time. If the attorney has withdrawn, haven't you been provided with a period of time to find new counsel and/or get ready for trial? I'd file a motion for a continuance based on my fragile understanding of what is going on in your son's case. But you'd better have a reason for waiting this long. Good luck!

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