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How can my ex-landlords sue me for damages that never existed?

Sweetwater, TN |

Ok- The back story. in August of 2011 We paid up our rent until January 2012. In October we were told the house was going into foreclosure and we needed to be out by the 31st. We rode this out as they were not going to give us our money back. December 1st came around and the phone calls started day after day harassing us when payment was not yet due till Jan. We came to a mutaul agreement to vacate the property. As we were finishing up they told us to be done by a specific date which was impossible with job situations. We told them we would be there on the weekend and finsih cleaning at any repair work needed done. They told us no and we have proof of this. They kept deposit and we just got a summons saying they are suing us for cleaning and repairs??? They told us no, why are we sued?

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Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to stop them from filing suit against you if they are set on doing so. Just be sure to have your proof ready and I would strongly recommend consulting with an attorney ahead of time. You have certain rights under state law and hopefully some language in your lease that protects you if the Landlord files suit and you win. They should not be able to change the trems of the lease and impose more than what the lease provides just because they were getting foreclosed on. An attorney can review all of your facts, your lease and help guide you forward.

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