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How can Indian Citizen start a Business in USA. What are options besides L1 Visa?

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How can indian citizen start a business in usa. I do not wish to go via L1 route as I am planning to close my business in india and divert it to USA. I know india does not qualify for E-2 treaty. So what are the other options.


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EB-5 maybe. This type of analysis is rather difficult in this forum.


It is difficult to explain all your options in this forum. It would be better for you to contact a immigration attorney in the US who can explain all the different requirements in detail.


There are other visas if you qualify for but none through a business start up since you are not interested in those which can.


Since you are not interested in L-1A, EB-2 or EB-5, there are not any categories that allow what you want to do. You may have to change your strategy. For example, keep the business in India and enter on an L-1A and then close the India branch once you become a permanent resident. Also, consider immigrating through a relative that is a US citizen or permanent resident (long-term strategy).

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