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How can i win this custody case?

Carthage, TX |

I have been looking for attorneys who will work with me i have gone through legal aid in loisiana and texas and they will not accept me .i am battleing the grandparents i have one day to get a lawyer before i have court i dont know how to represent myself so do you have any ideas as to what or who i can talk to to help me i have no money to hire a lawyer.

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From your question, it appears that you may have already gone to court today. If you did and the case got reset, then you need to do everything in your power to borrow money for an attorney. Ask the judge for more time to hire an attorney. You may get an attorney to at least advise you on a Limited Scope Representation where the attorney will not appear in court but can advise you prior to going back to court. Often an attorney can draft the pleadings and put your name on them. This is not the best option, but showing up without a clue is worse. Look for a new lawyer in your area and call him or her, often they can be less expensive.

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