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How can i vacate my record?

Seattle, WA |

i pleaded guilty to a misdeamenor domestic violence 4 in washington state which occured dec 2008 and I was ordered to 24 months probation and a dv therapy course which lasted a year. I completed the dv therapy course and i was taken off of my probation only after 2 months and i also paid my fine. I'm trying to go back into the allied health field which i was already in prior to the incident. I dont know if being a veteran would help me get my record vacated or whatever i made a mistake and i have manned up, taken responsibility for my action and done everything needed to change my life now i would like to continue with my career but the criminal record is preventing that. now i live in california and i would like to get a job in the civil service department. is there any hope for me?

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What you want to do is called "expungement". You want to expunge a guilty plea in a misdemeanor domestic violence case. The rules about expungement depend on the nature of the crime. Misdemeanors are relatively easy; domestic violence is relatively difficult. You should consult with a criminal defense attorney, who would pull your complete court file, review it, then tell you your options.


Provided you have not previously vacated a conviction, you may seek to vacate this conviction. However, a certain number of years must pass. For domestic violence convictions, the statute requires that 5 years have elapsed since completion of the terms of sentence. So, yes, there is hope for you, but it's a few years down the road.

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