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How can I use my spouses social security? If my spouse is younger than I, do I have to wait until they turn 62 to if I'm 69?

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I am 10 yrs older than spouse, do I have to wait until spouse is 62 or 67 or whatever the age is for me to collect on their social security & is it the same amount as my spouse will collect, or less for me?

I am not 69 yet, that was an exanple, I am in my 50's, I am trying to find out if I don't have income myself/housewife working only parttime, can I get ss when I turn 62, on my husbands ss, if he is 10 yrs younger than me and not 62 yet, or do I have to wait until he is of age to collect for me to collect on his ss.

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Contact social security and find out if you qualify NOW for your own social security payment. Payments depend on what you contributed during your work life. If you have never worked, then I believe you are dependent on payments made to your spouse. Although a person is eligible for payments at reaching 62, the person will be paid more if they wait until they are 65 + a set number of months which depends on the year of their birth.You might find my legal guide on selecting and hiring a lawyer helpful.
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