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How can i transfer probation from one county to another in florida?

Punta Gorda, FL |

I would like to move out of punta gorda where there are no jobs for me to jacksonville florida where my uncle lives and there are several job opportunities for me. Can I transfer my probation from here to there when I have 3 months left on probation?

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Ultimately, you need the judge's approval which he/she will probably give if its okay with your probation officer and/or office. But, yes, probation can be transfered and often are for good reason like the one you are giving. So go to the probation officer first. If he/she says no you are going to have to get an attorney involved. Better to wait out the 3 months in that case. I would not bother the prosecutor. They generally tend to say no to everything and it really isn't up to them. Their job was done when you were placed on probation. Now it is between the judge and the probation office/officer.

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You can transfer probation by motion. It would be better to obtainthe agreement of the prosecutor and yout p/o first.


If you're on county probation, their office may let you report by mail, but only if you meet their requirements. If you're on State probation, you should get a Court Order, and you're attorney can attempt to get the stipulation of your P.O. and the Prosecutor in advance of going to Court.

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