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How can I track down a copy of a will? My sister's husbands claims it is GONE!!!? He doesn't know. ITs been 7 yrs..

Berlin, CT |

I have called probate court regularly.. he never filed anything.
I met her lawyer, he said the paperwork is GONE, he was imprisoned for an issue, all his things were taken.

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If it is was never probated and neither the original or copies cannot be located, then there is not much that can be done.


The lawyer who drafted the will is in prison? Was his practice passed on to someone else? In any case, if the original can't be found and the lawyer who drafted it has no copy, then the estate will have to be probated as if your sister had no will. The court would follow the laws of intestacy (this is what happens when someone dies with no will, state law governs who gets what). Contact an attorney if you have more questions.