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How can I terminate my SSI Representative Payee?

Denton, TX |

I am currently an SSI recipient that has a representative payee. I am able to pay care of my own finances, so I would like to change my status with the Social Security Administration. How do I do that?
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I will assume that you are over 18. When you received your favorable award, you should have received a letter from Social Security advising you that a decision was made to pay your benefits using a representative payee. The letter should have also explained that, if you did not agree with the decision to appoint a payee, or, if you wanted a different payee, that you had sixty (60) days to appeal the decision - in writing. I am attaching a link to the SSA site that may help you:

If it has been less than sixty (60) days since you received your notice - you should discuss with your attorney (if you were represented) the pros and cons of filing a written appeal. If you were not represented, you may wish to discuss this with an attorney before taking any action. You can locate an attorney in your area using the "Find a Lawyer" function, above. You may also visit

I hope that this information was helpful to you and I wish you well.

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