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How can I tell if an attorney is an experienced DUI attorney and is the best attorney I can get? DUI in Phoenix, AZ

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I need an experienced, aggressive pitbull attorney that knows the laws, is smart and willing to fight and win my case. How can I tell a lawyer is experienced and right for me? My points in my case are:
1: I wasnt driving.
2: It was dark, I was about 4-6 feet away from him until in cuffs, I had gum, perfum, a cig and I didnt submit to any field sobriety tests. So no probable cause
3: Everything in my police report is a lie it is all fabricated. The officer that arrested me and I spoke with is not any where in the report and the officer who said that I said all this stuff to him was not there. I never saw the man until I was already in cuffs an in the SUV. I didnt say anything to the cop I just gave them ID and said I dnt kno what they talkin about wen asked if drinkin, then want my lawye

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Sounds like you did a good job of not giving the police anything that they could use against you. Very nice, it would be helpful if more people would follow your lead.

In order to find an aggressive or an experienced DUI attorney there are a number of things that you could do. One would be to set up a free consultation with 3 or 4 DUI attorneys and then simply ask them the hard questions and have them lay out how they would defend you and how they plan on beating these charges.

Another thing that you could do would be to visit different DUI lawyers web sites and read what they have to say. Several of the attorneys have videos, news clips, and testimonials of former clients. Many DUI lawyers list their successful cases and you can determine a track record from the information provided on-line.

Trust your instinct and go with your gut as to who is going to put in the time and give you the personal service and satisfaction that you deserve. You are basically interviewing the DUI attorney, treat as a job interview, make the attorney convince you that they are the right fit.

That being said, my office offers free consultations and prides itself in customer satisfaction.

I hope that you found this information to be helpful.

Parker Evan Bornmann
The Bornmann Law Group, PLLC

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