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How can I take action against my wife who provided false information to get the LPR in USA?(green card)

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My 22 years old wife received the LPR in usa with her parents,without informing the usa embassy that she is my regal registered wife . even at the time of interview in the usa embassy she said she is still single Because she was afraid if she informed about her marital status to the usa authority,she wouldn't have get the lpr as a dependent girl. Now my question is,what if any one or me inform the usa authority or file a case against her false information which she has provided at her profile?will she lost the lpr? and what about the perents who forced her to provide false information at time of interview,how can take action against them? I want my wife back from usa what should i do?plz advice. Thanks

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"Taking action ", "informing" , etc. are all big words you are using, but unfortunately the bird has already escaped from her cage and flown free.. She is in the US where she started a new life and now there is an ocean that separates you two.. Why don't you turn the page, put all of this behind you and start a new life as well? (You are a free man now and have your entire life ahead of you.. You cannot make women come back by force.. All your ""reports" to USA authorities risk falling into deaf ears.. Time to turn the page.

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I call into quesiton your motives. Why were you silence then but got righteously indignant now?

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If she was a minor at that time and if her parents had forced her to give false information, then there's nothing much you can do about it. Move on!