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How can i sue somebody for giving me herpes if they had it before we had sexual contact and didn't not notify me

Greensboro, NC |

i slept with this girl and i believe she gave me herpes on purpose i am looking to sue and / or press criminal charges against her how would i got about this

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You may have a claim for battery and fraudulent misrepresentation. Battery on the grounds she didn't have consent to commit an offensive touching to your person. Fraudulent misrepresentation in that she misrepresented the type of sex you were having and the misrepresentation was intentional, known by we, and not known by you.

While there is no instance policy, and you likely would have to pay an attorney by the hour, you're judgement for fraud could be an exception to discharge in bankruptcy under 11 USC 523. Meaning, you might have the ability to indefinitely garnish her wages until the judgment is satisfied.

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Talk to the police about criminal charges. Find a local injury lawyer who hopefully has handled these types of cases before. Thye can be a battle to prove, and unless the girl has lots of assets, it may be very hard to ever collect.


different states have different laws about the intentional giving of an std. a local personal injury attorney can further advise.


Speak to the local police.

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