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How can I sue Best Buy for not honoring a warranty then ruining my credit because I refused to pay for it?

Hampton, VA |

I bought a computer in 2005 . I went to Korea with an international warranty agreement. So when I had problems with the computer and called they refused to fix it. I emailed Best Buy about the problem through around 50 emails and got the runaround saying someone would contact me and didn't. I teach and had to buy another computer and could not pay for both so I stopped paying on the loan. They ruined my credit and when I came home in 2010 could not get any type of credit and had to move in with my son. I was also turned down for a loan and credit card to start my business and have spent all my savings. I finally filed with BBB and they admitted their mistake and offered me a 1,000 for 5 years of my life. I said 5,000 and they said no and are now ignoring me and I will be homeless soon.

I have been really depressed over my situation and the hospital gave me anti-depressants. I have thought of suicide and have never been this way before. Best Buy offered me nothing until I said they owed me and they have now went up to 1500.00 if I sign a non-disclousure agreement. I am in a really bad position with no home and need to be out of my son's home. He got married and has 2 children and they are living with his wife's parents as there is not enough room here. Best Buys incompetence has caused a snowball affect. Even after the bad marks being removed my credit did not improve a lot due to my not being able to get any kind of revolving creit etc.... I am so worried. Every lawyer I have spoken with wants all their money up front.

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wow , you are in a tough situation but there really aren't enough facts here.
On the warranty claim you are probably going to be limited to the price of your computer, which is probably around the 1500 they are offering you.

Its a little hard to understand how not paying for a computer "ruined your credit" if you otherwise had good credit.. There may be other issues there for which Best Buy is not responsible.

Finally, Best Buy is not going to be responsible for your depression/health issues under Virginia law, nor are they likely going to be held responsible for your current economic status.

If you do consult with a lawyer, they are going to need all of the documents, including the warranty you originally received.

Finally, you may have a statute of limitations problem since you are talking about a purchase in 2005.

Gpod luck



had good credit until I stopped paying for the computer they would not fix. I had no way of paying for 2 computers and since they refused to honor the international agreement what was I suppose to do??? I was in South Korea and could do nothing while there. I sent them over 50 emails asking them to honor the warranty and they said someone would contact me then did not.

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