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How can i sue a dog owner for attacking my dog?

Van Nuys, CA |

my bf was walking my dog until these 2 pittbulls suddently attack my dog and bite him we had to take it to the vet and got stitches he had to pay 500 dollars for that the owner should be sued for that

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You can take the pit bull dogs' owner to Small Claims court. Please see the link below. First you should send a demand letter with a copy of the vet bills, and if the dogs' owner doesn't pay by the deadline, you should sue.

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I agree with my colleague - you should first send a demand letter to the dogs' owner before taking them to small claims court.


Ms. Koslyn provided an excellent answer. You can also hire an attorne who specializes in animal law.

Adam Sorrells
Chico, CA

Disclaimer: The following was not legal advice, and cannot be relied on. Time is of the essence. Do not delay.


In CA, a dog owner is strictly liable for any damages caused by his dog biting someone. In other words, you don't need to prove negligence. You just need to prove that the dog bit your friend.

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