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How can i subpoena my ex boyfriends employer for for paystub records in the state of arizona what form do i use

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he is taking me back to court for child support modification he gets hourly pay and also get bonuses due to the nature of his work as a collection agent he is withholding the bonuses information part from the court he only claims he makes 12 an hour

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You may consider asking him for his 2009 and 2010 tax returns and W-2 forms. This will give a history of his total income. He is required by the Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure to provide all income information to you and the Court, including past tax returns and paystubs. Generally, bonus information is included in the Year to Date Information of the paystub. If he continues to refuse to disclose this information, you can ask the Court to compel him to provide the documents. You can also serve his employer with a subpoena. The Self Service Center of the Maricopa County Superior Court website has sample forms: You may also want to consult an attorney for help with the subpoena process and serving the subpoena. You may also want to refer to the Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure and the Arizona statutes on child support for further direction on how to obtain income information and how to serve subpoenas.

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I practice mainly in Maricopa County. However, I would suggest visitng the law library of the Superior Court of your county and ask for a Subpoena form. In Maricopa County there is also a $26.00 Subpoena issuing fee. If you have more questions or need help with preparation feel free to contact me.