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How can I stop wage garnishment, VA state debt collection laws

Virginia Beach, VA |

my student loan is in defult and my paycheck is being garnished, the college i went to changed its name also the college can not provide my transscripts is their any thing i can do to stop the garnishment

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You could call the company garnishing your wages and see if you can set up a payment plan but don't be surprised they say it is too late.

If you file a bankruptcy proceeding the garnishment will stop-at least temporarily. A chapter 7 will stop it for perhaps 4 months. A chapter 13 could stop it for up to 5 years as you make payments under your chapter 13 plan. In some jurisdictions the Court lets you pay it before other unsecured creditors so you need to check with an attorney in your area.

My best advise to you is to seek the advise of a competent bankruptcy lawyer. Most bankruptcy lawyers offer a first visit free consultation. When you meet with the attorney you should bring to your meeting the garnishment paperwork as well as any correspondence or documents you have in regards to the student loans.