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How can I stop my wife from delaying divorce any longer?

Sandston, VA |

My wife and I have been legally seperated for almost 3 years, we live in the state of Virginia. She recently sent over an offer back in February, that I agreed to, which included me signing over my parental rights. I agreed to the offer back in May, and I have yet to here anything back. She will not contact her lawyer, as he has called her several times and she is refusing to call back. I am wishing to get this over with a.s.a.p.! How do I get this done and over with?

So if I have agreed to this offer, and I request a trial hearing, will the judge enforce to offer giving.?

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You should have had a finalized divorce years ago.

There are likely some significant issues (parental rights, ex parte divorce,etc.) you raise that make a simple online answer inappropriate. If you don't already have a lawyer, the Virginia State Bar has a referral service you can access at .

I recommend you contact a family law attorney in your area, and spend some time detailing the facts. Your attorney can explain what is possible and what steps you need to take.


First, you cannot "sign over parental rights", so I assume you mean that she would have custody. You would still have parental rights. I also assume that you do not have a lawyer and have been waiting for her to finalize the divorce. You cannot complain that it has been taking a long time when you have not been doing anything to get it concluded. Virginia has a ONE year waiting period. After that, either party can file for divorce. I suggest that you just go ahead and file for divorce, have her served and then she will have to respond.

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